January 2017

Canadian Banks Expected To Close Dozens Of Branches In 2017

11/01/2017 |
The number of bank branches in Canada is expected to shrink this year, as more Canadians turn to online and mobile banking for their everyday needs. The Globe and Mail reports that dozens of bank locations will shut their doors for good this year. Others will pivot to focus more on giving financial advice and less on everyday transactions. Dozens of Canadian bank branches will close this year, as customers shift to online banking. (Photo: Rostislav Sedlacek/Getty Images) The trend could spell trouble for tellers and other bank employees. “Customers are increasingly doing things in a digital way,” BMO chief financial officer Thomas Flynn said last year, when the bank cut 1,850 jobs from its workforce.
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This accounting professor uses a classic investment approach

08/01/2017 | The Globe and Mail
Mostly Canadian dividend-paying stocks, real estate investment trust (REITs) and income funds, including BCE Inc., Smart REIT, Cineplex Inc. and A&W Royalties Income Fund. The investor. As a holder of both the chartered professional accountant and ...
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The real risk? The last five minutes of an interview

03/01/2017 |
You have spent a good hour putting in tons of effort to look interested, dynamic, perceptive, curious, and—five minutes to the end—you lose your balance and wipe out. One last question knocks you off your feet, you let out a thank you that sounds fake, an innappropriate gesture right as you’re leaving. Here is some […] The post appeared first on Jobs.ca.
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